US Participation in Y7 and Y20 Programs Transitions from YADL to YPFP

WASHINGTON, D.C. – 23 February 2018 – The Board of Directors of Young Americans for Diplomatic Leadership (YADL) has dissolved the organization effective immediately. The coordination of participation by the United States in G7 and G20 young professional engagement programs will continue through Young Professionals in Foreign Policy (YPFP). The YADL Board has full confidence in YPFP stewardship of this work and looks forward to an efficient transition.

YPFP is a nonpartisan network of over 20,000 emerging global leaders across business, government, and civil society who:

  • Energize foreign policy discussions by making diverse, cross-sector Next Generation voices more informed and influential;
  • Promote innovation in international affairs by inspiring, training, and connecting the next generation of global leaders; and
  • Believe that today‚Äôs most pressing global challenges can most effectively be addressed by nonpartisan, multinational solutions

Founded in 2004, YPFP is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has branches in Brussels, London, and New York. YPFP has members from over 80 countries and relies upon a team of over 150 volunteers to foster a global community of young professionals who are passionate about solving foreign policy challenges.

In its five years of operations, YADL built a community of 40 delegation alumni across the United States and another 170 alumni from around the world who attended the G8 and G20 Youth Summit in 2012. YADL forged partnerships domestically and internationally in fulfillment of its aspiration to be the preeminent organization for meaningful and impactful engagement of young leaders in international relations. Above all else, YADL empowered young leaders through experiential learning opportunities as a global convening platform and innovative policy incubator.

The YADL Board would like to thank the team of volunteers who sustained the organization since 2012. From delegate recruitment and training, to event and strategic planning, the organization succeeded because of the considerable commitment of time and resources of its volunteer staff and supporters.

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